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Stator wiring problems
BeitragVerfasst am: 22.01.17, 14:00 Antworten mit Zitat
Anmeldung: 23.12.2016
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Wohnort: Trondheim

I just changed a broken pickup-coil on my 1987 model, and re-isolated a bunch of worn wires that short circuited my battery. But when i put the bike together, it won't start of course. No spark on the plug.

I am always too impatient to take notes or photos while i dismantle anything, so now I'm unsure if i wired to bike correctly. so that leaves me with some questions i hope some of you might know the answer to:

1. In the wiring diagram, there seems to be an extra ground / black wire between the stator and the CDI unit, even though both of them are grounded individually. Is that so, and whats the purpouse of that?
2. There was a wire attached alone to a small pin between the stator and the front sprocket, which I can't find in any wiring diagram. what's the purpouse of that? (the pin seems to be isolated from the rest of the bike, so i doubt it's a ground).

On beforehand, thanks for answers.
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BeitragVerfasst am: 28.01.17, 22:19 Antworten mit Zitat
Anmeldung: 20.12.2005
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Easier part first: the 'pin', where the (light blue, I guess) cable ist attacherd to, is the neutral switch. Yes, it's isolated, because if the gearbox is shifted into neutral position (between 1st and 2nd gear) a pin touches the shifting drum and so closes the circuit of the neutral light.

Recarding the ground cable, IIRC you can run the TT as well as the XT without any electrics except the ignition (ciruits).
That means, you can throw everything overboard that doesn't belong to the ignition and the remaining wire harness (of the ignition) is a part of its own with one exception: There's a (black) cable from the generator to the cdi unit, but the one from the cdi, which connects it with the ignition coil and the kill switch, would be missing then.
Depending the kill switch, this means you can start the engine but not stop it (because to switch off the kill switch short-circuits the black-white cable to ground)(a situation I won't rate any better than having no spark...Mr. Green )

So yes, there really are ground cables running from the generator to the ignition und all parts of it and
no, I'm not sure if the coils (pickup & charging coil) have a connection connected to ground.

Mein Nachbar hört gute Musik;- ob er das will oder nicht...Mr. Green
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Stator wiring problems
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