Yamaha xt 350 chinese regulator

  • No, i thimk no one Herr befor. Why? We have no probs. But test it for Our community. Chinese is now in the time okay.



    achtung dement!
    ja ich bin direkt, aber ehrlich.

  • There are any number of options for an aftermarket rectifier/regulator. Kedo (kedo.de) probably has some. Which in case of a problem are under warranty just like everything else.

    If the chinese one screws up your electrical system any warranty claim will be highly useless...

    IIRC they´re all aound the 50 Euro mark - for a part that´s probably outlasting the remaining life of the bike that´s not too bad.

    Regarding your reg/rec picture: I wouldn´t trust a vendor wohl can neither spell "generator" nor "magneto" :)

    1985 XT350 55V
    Simply change the gravitational constant of the universe!

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